Bladder Control During Sleep

  • Do you wake up repeatedly with a need to visit the toilet?
  • Do you find your clothing wettened by a lack of bladder control?

If so, you are most probably experiencing one of the most common symptoms of developing incontinence.
Over time, your body can lose it’s ability to control urine streams, especially during sleep, where muscles and muscle control is lessened.

At 60th Sense, we recognise this most common of problems faced by men, and have dedicated a week of discussion to this very topic.

Why Do I Wet My Pants When Sleeping?

There are several causes of incontinence in older men. Emerging problems such as bladder infection, urinary tract blockage, diabetes, kidney failure, or prostate cancer, are all serious enough to prompt a visit to your doctor.

However, a somewhat less serious cause could be put down to what many people have typically thought of as a ‘woman’s problem’.

As men grow older, just as with women, pelvic floor muscles can become weakened.
This can be due to leading a relatively sedantary lifestyle, or a lack of exercise in general.

The video above points out that urinary leakage is very common, but is not merely related to the normal impact of aging. Therefore, this suggests there are reasons and remedies, so let’s take a quick look at what those might be.

How To Stop Urine Leakage

Treatment options for urinary leakage, or stress incontinence include pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegal exercises.
As this is an exercise regime, it is nonsurgical, but should be supported by avoiding dietary irritants.

If Kegal exercise is continued over several weeks, it should strengthen your pelvic floor and give you better bladder control through urge suppression. While this should ultimately remove the need for medication, it might be necessary to use incontinence pads, if the condition is causing stress or embarrasment.

More Information About Pelvic Floor Exercise

If you want to find more information about pelvic floor exercise, and/or urinary incontenance, then why not join us on our 60th Sense Show, where this issue is discussed.
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