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Key Perspective

As modern life places greater demands on us all, there is every expectation for men to pay greater attention to their health and wellness.

To reflect this ever-changing trend, science has taken major steps forward in the development and preparation of natural nutritional supplements.

While this greater expectation is placed on men to improve their overall mental, physical and sexual health, it is still confusing, and sometimes embarrassing for men to filter through the products on offer to find something that truly matches societal demands.

How To Choose a Supplement That Truly Works?

Throughout this site, we will present a variety of different supplements, but do recognise that different products offer different results to different people.

Our researchers have tried many products that claim to help in the promotion of stronger sexual health.

While most do give a varying level of what they offer, the end goal is to find the product that is most suitable for each person, based on their own experience of use.

For our part, the best we can do is present the facts, our own experiences and evaluate the products to ensure they offer a level of quality, safety and effectiveness.

Erectin – The Fast-Acting, Longer-Lasting Natural Male Enhancement

In this article, we decided to look “in-depth” at one of the latest offerings on the market.
The Erectin male enhancement pill is produced by Leading Edge Health Limited, one of the world’s most recognised supplement manufacturers.

The Erectin male enhancement supplement is produced by Leading Edge Health Limited.

It is a clinically tested nutritional supplement with an all-natural composition, that delivers scientifically-proven results.

The carefully blended ingredients are supported by clinical research and scientific data, providing a confidence for end users.
scientific data
The ingredients are blended in a fresh, modern and innovative formula that is derived from traditional medicinal standards.

The non-synthetic, natural ingredients work synergistically to deliver a huge boost to the male organism.

The male Erectin supplement differs from many other male enhancement products in that it offers clear results, clinically proven benefits and strong stimulation.

Erectin can give the physical and psychological boost, removing the anguish of any failure to perform in the bedroom.

The Physiological Benefits of Erectin

Erectin’s completely natural formula helps deliver:

  • more intense orgasms
  • better and harder erections
  • more durability in the bedroom
  • better control of erection and ejaculation
  • greater physical strength
  • enhanced libido
  • more confidence
  • a more lively sexual drive

According to the official website of Erectin, its manufacturer has conducted relevant The Erectin website clearly outlines the clinical studies that certifies its effectiveness, and to eradicate any concerns about it’s safety and strength.

Why Choose Erectin?

As previously mentioned, there is already a high availability of sexual enhancement products for men. Sadly though, not all of them deliver on their stated promise.

Sometimes the ingredients are not suited to our bodies, or they do not work effectively in combination with each other.

In some other products, the active ingredients are not in sufficient doses to bring positive results. Many hHih Street brands are mostly fillers and bindger, some of which are toxic to our bodies.

In general, selecting a supplement is not a simple matter, as it requires knowledge, study and information. It is easy to simply accept what the claims state ,rather than what the ingredients dictate. Therefore, in this overview, we want to explain what each ingredient does, and why you can trust on it’s beneficial impact.

Erectin is created from a revolutionary formula of natural ingredients, the most advanced technologies, and expert scientific knowledge.

All ingredients are premium quality, and chosen for their rapid absorption, for delivering benefits to the user in a short time.

With the help of modern technology/science/advanced knowhow, the formula of Erectin ingredients has been created to be more bio-available to the human organism, thus increasing the overall results and maximising its duration of action.

Erectin is designed to work for all men of all ages (of 18 years and older).

The Myths Of Performance Enhancing Supplements

Many people wrongly believe that a male enhancement supplement simply helps to fight erectile dysfunction and enhance a man’s sexual performance.

This is not true.

A supplement such as Erectin is primarily aimed at boosting the body’s overall health, which in turn will ultimately lead to a substantial sexual boost.
Thus, Erectin initially aims at the following key benefits:

  • improves blood circulation
  • enhances the libido
  • stimulates the sexual drive
  • fights erectile dysfunction and strengthens erection
  • improves the endurance
  • improves the ability to control the “decisive moment” of ejaculation
  • increases the satisfaction and enhances orgasms

It is not only the sexual benefits that make Erectin a good choice for male health enhancement, but also the physical, mental and psychological health benefits that make this supplement a game-changer.

What is The Scientific Evidence Supporting Manufacturers Claims


90% of all men who tried Erectin chose to buy it again after being satisfied with the results


We will now consider the scientific evidence, which makes the Erectin supplement really stand out from many other similar male boosting supplements.

Erectin is not a simple sexual stimulant supplement. It is the most modern and innovative male enhancement product that the nutritional supplements industry has developed so far.

In 2012, 78 male participents took part In a clinical trial.
The men were aged between 25.
They were in good health, apart from reporting a mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.
The research followed standard practices, with one group being given the actual supplement, while the others were given a placebo alternative.

After concluding a 12 week trial, the men who took the Erectin formula reported a significantly improved sex life:

  • with improved erection quality
  • an enhanced ability to maintain an erection
  • increased sexual pleasure
  • higher quality orgasms
  • improved penetration capacity
  • enhanced libido
  • and total sexual satisfaction throughout the sexual “game”

In fact, the men who received the authentic dose of Erectin were experiencing truly unprecedented sexual encounters.

The American Urological Association Journal and BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine published the results of the study, supporting this valid and real results and not just promises.

What is in Erectin

The key constituents are:

  • EnoSTIM ™ 300mg
  • Lepidium meyenii, Maca 100mg
  • L-Arginine HCl 100mg
  • Zinc 10mg (100% of RDA)

Detailed Ingredients List

  1. MuiraPuama Bark Extract – Ptychopetalumolacoides was discovered in the Amazon rainforest and has been the basis of Brazilian folk medicine for many centuries. Its use was mainly dealing with stress, boosting energy and stimulating sexual performance. This plant known as MuiraPuama or “Potency Wood” is a powerful natural aphrodisiac found in a variety of sexual enhancement supplements and a health ingredient, stimulating the organism, offering energy, vitality, momentum and strength.MuiraPuama promotes good blood circulation in the reproductive system, thus allowing a harder/bigger/more stable erection with greater penetration capacity.
    In addition, muiraPuama offers positive results in terms of brain function due to the powerful antioxidants it contains.
    Increased mental performance is also associated with improved psychology/mood/self-confidence, as well as enhanced physical endurance and performance.
  2. Chinese Hawthorn – or Crataegus pinnatifida, was once the mainstay of heart health treatment in Chinese medicine.
    Today – in modern treatments – Chinese Hawthorn extract is applied for a variety of diseases/ailments, such as the prevention of hair loss.
    This powerful natural ingredient has become known mainly for its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In fact, studies give it very satisfactory vasodilator results which is cleverly “exploited” by the Erectin supplement.Dilation of blood vessels and prevention of stenosis of muscle walls promotes improved blood pressure, less stress and – therefore – better perfusion of the genitals. This means harder erections with duration, stronger orgasms, improved fertility and faster ejaculation.
  3. Tribulus Terrestris Seed Extract – is another extremely popular herb of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic Medicine.
    The ability of the herb to enhance athletic performance makes it a top choice in the composition of many of the general health/male health/sports supplements found on the market. The reason is its very high potential to act as a natural testosterone booster.
    This surely implies another very important function, that of a natural libido booster.Scientific evidence suggests that Tribulus Terrestris extract can greatly improve a man’s sexual satisfaction and performance, while it can also prevent/treat sexual dysfunctions.
  4. Catuaba Bark – is from the rainforest, marking a long way to come to your door in the form of a powerful enhancer of sexual arousal.
    The name “catuaba”, meaning “what gives strength to the Indian” reveals its active power to cause intense sexual arousal and peak sexual performance of the user.
    The abundant alkaloids found in Erythroxylumcatuaba – compounds created by plants and adding strong psychoactive effects – provide unique benefits to the user.
    An example of such a well-known stimulant alkaloid is caffeine, a unique component of energy, stimulating performance physically and mentally, boosting mood, increasing motivation, improving focus.Catuaba contains three (3) important alkaloids, which all three support libido and good sexual function.
    Catuaba promotes smooth blood flow and optimal genital perfusion for harder erections & stronger orgasms.
  5. Saw Palmetto – plays a very important role in the supplements effective strength.
    Saw Palmetto, or Serenoa repens, is a palm tree growing mainly in the south-eastern part of the United States.
    The fruits of the plant (Saw Palmetto berries) can offer significant benefits to general health: from reducing hair loss to fighting some inflammation.
    However, the main reason for the therapeutic use of this natural ingredient is for the natural but effective fight against urinary system problems, as well as for the treatment of sexual/reproductive dysfunctions.Its use in male enhancement supplements is common, as it promotes the natural stimulation of testosterone levels in the organism.
    What excites us about this natural ingredient is its unique ability to inhibit the formation of dihydrotestosterone (the enzyme produced by testosterone breakdown) and to promote the highest sexual drive and overall health of the man.
  6. Damiana Leaf – or Turneradiffusa, is a plant native to subtropical climates such as Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean.
    For centuries it seems to been used as a natural remedy for intense stress (since it offers a pleasant feeling of relaxation), but also in the treatment of sexual problems.
    Damiana Leaf works as a powerful energy stimulant and booster of erotic mood and sexual performance.
    Scientific studies also confirm the aphrodisiac magic offered by this plant. In fact, some of them have shown amazing results in their synergistic action with ginkgo and ginseng, two more powerful natural stimulation ingredients found in the enhanced formula of Erectin.
  7. Ginkgo Biloba Extract – is one of the oldest secrets of health, wellness and longevity.
    Some fossils of the tree date back to about 200 million years ago.
    It is therefore no coincidence that this particular natural healing ingredient was (and still is) one of the “fundamental building blocks” of Traditional Chinese Medicine.The leaves of the plant have the ability to stimulate the cognitive function of the brain, but also to enhance the production of nitric oxide leading to improved blood circulation throughout the body.
    Clearly, this improved blood flow has enormous benefits in both sexual performance and user satisfaction.
  8. Korean Red Ginseng – gives improved production of nitric oxide and improved blood flow/energy/sexual performance.
    Korean Red Ginseng is part of a large family of ginseng plants with many different benefits for the organism.
    Traditional Chinese medicine uses Korean Red Ginseng roots to improve the immune system and heart health.
    In addition, the strong stimulation power of the plant has been proven associated with increased alertness, improved focusing ability and enhanced energy (physical and mental).Also worth mentioning, is the fact that this ingredient promotes the production of nitric oxide helping to eliminate factors leading to erectile dysfunction, in that it significantly reduces oxidative stress and improves blood circulation for harder/longer/longer-lasting erections.
  9. Cuscuta Chinensis – is a parasitic plant growing mainly in China, Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, India and Thailand. It grows on other plants being fed by them for its survival.
    Cuscuta Chinensis is often found in supplements for liver or kidney stimulants.
    It offers strong analgesic and aphrodisiac action, and naturally promotes the enhancement of testosterone production (with significant and various health benefits).
  10. Epimedium – also known as Horny Goat Weed and is a real “legend” in Eastern medicine.
    The plant’s natural bioactive chemicals increase blood flow to erections that are harder/bigger/ with a greater ability to maintain and control.
    The plant ingredient contributing to its huge number of benefits, icarin, is a natural substance helping to regulate hormones and cardiovascular health.What it actually does is block an enzyme thought to cause erectile dysfunction in men.
    Improved blood flow then leads to increased arousal, improved erection, and stronger orgasm.
  11. BioPerine Black Pepper (BONUS ingredient) is a patented black pepper extract, a source containing a minimum of 95% piperine.
    Therefore, why do we mention it as a “bonus” ingredient, separately from the other ten (10) active ingredients of the Erectin supplement?
    The answer is simple.
    BioPerine Black Pepper is not an ingredient that itself offers any sexual or general strengthening action to the organism, however, it manages to encourage the nutritional intake of the other active ingredients of the supplement in much higher concentrations.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Try Erectin?

The natural male enhancement supplement Erectin combines ten (10) natural hyperactive ingredients promoting male sexual health and more.
Each of these ten (10) ingredients promotes (in its own unique way) healthy testosterone production.
Therefore, as low testosterone levels have been linked to scientific studies with low sexual drive, we understand the importance of this supplement combining ten (10) of the most important natural sexual health enhancers.
However, another important reason that the Erectin supplement is so “valuable” for every man (especially from the age of 35 and over) is the enhancement of nitric oxide caused in the organism.

But wy is this so important?
A vasodilator such as nitric oxide is the “key” to optimal sexual arousal and performance.
It relaxes the muscle tissue and allows the penis to improve blood circulation.
This implies better arousal but also harder erections.
In any case, the benefits of nitric oxide do not end there.
Nitric oxide also offers significant “sports” benefits, as it enhances physical performance and endurance.

Q. Is there any risk for side effects following Erectin use?

Erectin supplement is a 100% natural nutritional supplement – without dangerous chemicals promoting the natural stimulation of health (sexual andgeneral) of men.
Careful clinical trials and tests have not shown any serious side effects associated with the use of Erectin.
It is a completely safe legal nutritional supplement of high quality and performance.
However, this does not mean in any case that you can make uncontrolled use of the supplement.
Even the most “harmless” natural ingredients can be destructive when used in high doses.
In addition, if you have a history of side effects or allergic reactions to herbal medicines, read the list of ingredients very carefully before using the supplement.

Great care and medical guidance are also recommended for people with a medical condition or people using drugs.
The 10 organic ingredients of Erectin formula are completely natural and given in the ideal (clinically tested) dosages to deliver the maximum benefits without side effects.
An overdose would not provide you with greater benefits but only a greater risk of side effects.
Therefore, in case you experience any of the following side effects, we recommend the immediate discontinuation of the supplement and examination by a doctor.

  • Dizziness
  • Hot flashes (temporary redness of the skin)
  • Headaches
  • Nausea (stomach dizziness especially when taken on an empty stomach)

Even with 100% natural supplements, such as with Erectin, seriousness, diligence and care in its use is required.

How does the Erectin supplement differ from other dietary supplements on the market?

Those of you who have tried several supplements, have definitely experienced disappointment.
How many times have you not taken a supplement full of hope and in the end, it has turned out to be just a waste of time & money?
This is often due to capsules, oils or pills used failing to be properly absorbed by your organism to deliver the desired benefits.
Here is the big difference of Erectin.
It was created using advanced EC technology ensuring faster and (mainly) more efficient absorption of its active ingredients, directly into the bloodstream, thus protecting them from stomach acids.
EC technology – a technology derived from the abbreviation “Enteric Coating” – protects the active ingredients of the pills being damaged by stomach acids.
In addition, it ensures a high level of absorption of its active ingredients for maximum benefits.

Q. Is Erectin the ultimate male enhancement pill?

I do not know if it is the ultimate pill for men, however, I would say with certainty that it is a pill worth trying.

  • Its 10 + 1 clinically tested natural active ingredients are in themselves an assurance of health/vitality/energy/sexual drive.
  • There are no signs of side effects.
  • No prescription required.
  • There is no risk of toxicity or charge of the organism.
  • Erectin’s completely natural formula is suitable for long-term use and multiple benefits for the male organism.

The best place to buy the natural Erectin supplement is via its official website, ensuring you the best price and avoiding imitations.

Recommended use for the Erectin supplement

Instructions for use of Erectin – as given by its manufacturer – include taking one (1) pill (initially) and then two (2) pills per day.
The active ingredients (herbs) of the supplement can sometimes upset the stomach (especially if taken on an empty stomach).
For this reason, it is recommended (ideally) to take the supplement with a meal.
Most men who used the supplement showed significant benefits in taking the two (2) pill/day dose.
Within the first 28-days you should have seen significant changes. Do not be surprised if your energy peaks much earlier than the period of 28-days.
The maximum dose is four (4) pills/day and should never be exceeded.
Start with the minimum dose of one (1) pill and increase it gradually.
Do not rush to double the dose from the very first weeks of using the supplement!
You also do not need to reach the dose of four (4) pills/day if you do not need it.
Your organism will show you what the most appropriate dosage is for you.
If you see that the results are very strong and your pill is causing discomfort, reduce the dose.
The right dose is the one ensuring you results without causing you any irritation.

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