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  • March 3, 2021 at 12:43 am #1736

    The benefits of Saw Palmetto for protection against prostate disease or disfunction are out there, but mostly unproven.

    Throughout the pages of this site, we have discussed prostate issues, supplements, and even Saw Palmetto, but what would be really interesting, would be to learn of personal experiences of taking Saw Palmetton as a supplement.

    Some of the points you could mention are:

    • Did you take Saw Palmetto before or after the diagnoses of a prostate problem?
    • How did you come to find out about the ‘benefits’ of Saw Palmetto?
    • Did you notice any improvements or benefits from taking Saw Palmetto?
    • Did you feel any side effects after taking Saw Palmetton for a long time?

    We’d really look forward to hearing your take, which could help to help us with real-life stories.

    Don’t forget: On Mar 1st, Jun 1st, Sep 1st & Dec 1st, we will be awarding the best new contribution with one month’s supply of our personally selected own Saw Palmetto product, so please join in to win!

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