Nutrition and physical activity go together like bread and butter for our bodies. Exercise is going to give us fitness along with four other major things: flexibility, strength, muscle endurance, and cardio vascular health.

Dieting alone is not going to be able to give you all of these health benefits. You need to have the physical part as well.

One thing that you should always remember is that a bad diet can affect the way that your fitness training goes even if you follow the best type of exercise plan that you can.

You need to put a healthy diet and a lot of exercise together to stay as healthy as you can! How long you need to exercise to keep as healthy as you can is a question that many people ask.

The average person needs at least 20 minutes of exercise three times a week. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but this will help to strengthen your cardiovascular health and your overall fitness. Another good idea to keep in mind is that you should burn 3500 calories in a week by doing any sort of physical activity.

This will benefit you and your heart as well. When you start any type fitness plan it is a good idea to speak to your doctor first to find out what exercise plan is going to be best for you and your body. When you speak with your doctor make sure that you discuss special concerns like blood pressure, hypertension and any special diet needs that you have.

Having a healthy diet and exercise plan can do many things for your overall well being.

Did you know that you can use diet to control high blood pressure? Studies are finding out that exercise has a role in keeping blood pressure from increasing. With the reduction of sodium into your body, weight loss and limited alcohol use, along with the increased amount of physical activity and a low fat diet, you can control hypertension.

There is also increasing evidence that weight bearing exercises like walking, dancing, running, sports are very good for good bone health.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that exercise alone cannot make your body healthy. You need to have a good healthy diet that provides the proper calcium, vitamins and minerals along with the adequate amount of exercise to keep your body working great for the rest of your life.


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